I’m sitting here at my keyboard deeply grateful for Spell-check this morning. Actually, I’m always grateful for Spell-check, because as a graduate of our country’s finest bilingual education system, I am proudly incapable of spelling in either official language.

But today I’m spelling like a monkey with its eyes closed because my hands seem to […]

Mea Culpa

Dear Future Daughters-in-law,

(Unless one or two of you are men, which would be fine too.)

I am sorry. I feel I should apologize now, while it’s all fresh in my mind, because who knows, when you’ve got them, I might be in a sanatorium and mostly non-verbal. By them, of course, I mean my […]

From the Nerd Files

I’m on the computer the other night and Liam comes over to show me the latest Star Wars Lego set he’s made. It’s a walker, but don’t call it an Imperial Walker, because you’d be WRONG. Wrong, baby, and shame on you. I know this because I did it. I’m not going to tell you […]

Seriously? WORMS?

I have to tell you this story. I was going to tell you just after it happened, you know, in JULY, but then I remembered I’d have to anesthetize my children for a couple of hours in order to do that, and that is apparently frowned upon. So better late than never.

This summer, ostensibly […]

My vote’s still with Spring.

Oh, my BLOOMIN’ LORD. (And yes, I’m pretty sure the Lord is Blooming). Hello, internets, how’ve you been? I hope you all had a lovely summer, and dropped by occasionally between fruity rum drinks to check in. You know, to see my complete lack of posts. Those.

I do (and did, in my head, all […]

Sexy Ingredient #3…

Up on the ITSK site, complete with ridiculously easy recipe. Cheers!

Sweet on Cityline

New post, people – sorry ’bout the wait!

In the Sweet Kitchen dot com

Sexy Ingredient #2

Up on the Sweet Kitchen site, and it’s chocolate, people. Go. Now.

Sweet Talk

Just when you thought things here at the big site were settling into a groove, there’s something NEW! Yep, starting today, there will be a new feature on our sister site, In The Sweet Kitchen (Don’t you love how I wrote our, as though it weren’t just me sitting here eating spicy chips in my […]


Every now and then you have an experience that just sweetly and quietly surprises you. Not a big huge epiphany kinda thing, just a small thing, like looking through a window in passing and seeing something beautiful and unexpected. Last month, we went down to visit our friends, Sarah and Sean and their girls Sadie […]