Where’s Ducky when you need him?

We live in downtown Toronto, which means even on a clear night, we don’t see a lot of stars. We see the bright ones, the big ones, but those tiny ones that look like scattered sugar just don’t pop. You know how when you’re trying to look at one of those faint stars, you look […]

Alone time

Ohhhhh, hello there, internet. Yes, it has been a while; sorry about that. It comes from the CRAZY that is my house these days. And I mean that if not in the best way, then at least in the most kind way. Actually, this is the first hour I’ve had alone since Friday afternoon, at […]

Could morning shows just be, like, afternoon shows?

The paperback is out. Really. And in two countries too, two publishers, and for me, two publicists. Bit crazy, really, since last time around the book came out in Canada a year before it was published in the States, which meant I wasn’t trying to do promotion in two countries at the same time. ‘Course, […]

Not sure Emily drank as much Malbec as I do

Every now and then, you come crashing up against your own limits, your own edges, and sweetie, it ain’t pretty.

Saturday, with Rob away all weekend at a jazz festival in Pennsylvania, I decided to be Awesome Mama and take all three boys to the Royal Ontario Museum. The night before had been Rory’s 6th […]

Story of a Cookbook

In the Sweet Kitchen hardcover

Last fall, out of the blue, I got a call from my beloved editor Ann Bramson at Artisan Publishing in New York. They were thinking of re-releasing my cookbook, In the Sweet Kitchen, in paperback. My Canadian (and original) publisher, Random House of Canada, would simultaneously put out the […]