You’ll Know Where to Find Me in Fall 2012

On November 3rd through 5th this fall, the Toronto-based Geneva Centre for Autism hosted it’s biannual symposium on autism. It was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and attended by over 1600 delegates, presenters and experts from all over the world.

Including, for the first time, me.

As the first day is mostly for […]

On the Difficulty of Torch Passing

Liam’s tics have been getting worse. Not like all-of-a-sudden today kind of thing, but relentlessly, creepingly. There were whole years when we hardly noticed them. Long stretches when we were really the only ones who recognized a throat-clearing as a tic, or a foot tapping, or a neck craning. Stretches where teachers and family would […]

Flower girl

I don’t get a lot of pedicures. That doesn’t mean I have monkey feet, as one friend would say; I have very cute feet, thank you very much. I just don’t have $25 to spend every week and a half when I have a perfectly good train case full of nail polish at home. That […]

Gentle Ben

It occurred to me the other day, looking at the category for so many of these posts, that the title reads: Kids, Dog and Laundry. Kids and laundry are no mystery, but I realized I hadn’t properly introduced you to Dog. Profuse apologies.

This, internet, is Ben.

Benny is, objectively and […]

Where’s Ducky when you need him?

We live in downtown Toronto, which means even on a clear night, we don’t see a lot of stars. We see the bright ones, the big ones, but those tiny ones that look like scattered sugar just don’t pop. You know how when you’re trying to look at one of those faint stars, you look […]


“You should just start saving, Mama.”


“Ya. For Paris.”

Let’s just clear something up here: I’m not going to Paris. Or rather, I’m not going to Paris anytime soon. I have, mind you, informed Rob that he is taking me to Paris for my 40th birthday, so he has precious more than 15 months […]


I adore spring. I know fall is most people’s favourite season, and I love a good whiff of woodsmoke while I’m crunching through leaves as much as the next girl. But there is nothing in any of the other seasons that approaches spring for knocking you over with the incredible gorgeousness that is life.



How is it that the other day, after one of my oldest boy’s good days, I was all, Ya Neuroleptics? NO WAY. Not for my kid. We’re going with meditation practice, a little consultation with a therapist, and maybe some light-touch healing, and we’ll ride out the next few years. Then yesterday?


On practicing yoga in the hopes of fitting into someone’s suitcase

I have got to go somewhere. No honestly, anywhere. Rob recently came back from playing a jazz festival in Reading, Pennsylvania, and I was actually jealous. For Pennsylvania in March. (No offence, Reading; I’m sure you’re all kinds of lovely.)

It’s just that I always thought I’d be one of those people who traveled all […]

Computer Girl

I have an iPod. No YOU shut up. It is SO a big deal. Until last week, I was still calling them Walkmen, so the fact that I can even spell iPod is pretty darn exciting. Through the generosity or possibly pity of my friend Sandy, I am now the proud if slightly confused owner […]