Shake it Sugar Baby

So there’s good news and there’s good news. First, the good: I’m going to be doing two more appearances baking from In the Sweet Kitchen on Cityline this fall! The first will air Monday November 1, the second airs Wednesday December 8. Hooray! Look for early Christmas things… I feel cookies coming on….

The second […]

Sexy Ingredient #2

Up on the Sweet Kitchen site, and it’s chocolate, people. Go. Now.

Sexy Ingredient # 1

You know you want it. It’s up and there’s a recipe, too. Check it out at the ITSK site, and pass it along. And yes, you can now subscribe to that blog too! (Thanks, Rob. You rock.)

Sexy Food

Well hey, now that I have your attention… Check out the Sweet Kitchen site for a brand new series on the 9 Sexiest Ingredients in the Sweet Kitchen. Coming this afternoon, Ingredient number 1 – but I’m not telling what it is.