Story of a Cookbook

In the Sweet Kitchen hardcover

Last fall, out of the blue, I got a call from my beloved editor Ann Bramson at Artisan Publishing in New York. They were thinking of re-releasing my cookbook, In the Sweet Kitchen, in paperback. My Canadian (and original) publisher, Random House of Canada, would simultaneously put out the […]

About the Boys

Parenting is a whirlwind regardless, but one of a different sort when your children are of a bit of a different sort. My three boys are beyond lovely, all of them. They are so brilliant it sometimes makes my head spin, and are creative beyond imagination. They write, they love jazz and the Cure in […]

Dirt’s healthy, right?

You know you ain’t no June Cleaver when you look at the newly attached chair rail and go, Great. One more surface to clean.

Between you and me, I suck a little bit at house cleaning. More accurately, I suck at a few, um key, house cleany things. Like the bathtub. When we bought and […]