Not sure Emily drank as much Malbec as I do

Every now and then, you come crashing up against your own limits, your own edges, and sweetie, it ain’t pretty.

Saturday, with Rob away all weekend at a jazz festival in Pennsylvania, I decided to be Awesome Mama and take all three boys to the Royal Ontario Museum. The night before had been Rory’s 6th […]

Pop Balloon

This was a few weeks ago, but if we had any pop in the house, he’d do it again in a minute. I woke up one morning to Rory’s face two inches from mine asking, Mama can I put a balloon on some gingerale? Um, what? (Rub eyes, check clock) […]

Rory’s stuff

Rory makes stuff. Art, constructions, built things, tied things, painted things, nailed things; it really doesn’t matter to him one bit what it is in the end. It’s all, entirely, about the making. Last fall we finally winterized our slightly shabby back room to accommodate not an office for me, not a Lego room for […]

Brought to you by the letter T. For tool.

This whole blog-computer-internet thing is cool and all, but honestly it feels a bit like having promised in a moment of inebriated enthusiasm to do something like go parachuting tomorrow. As soon as we sober up. It’s not the writing bit, it’s the computer bit. I’ve decided to name my seven-year-old PowerBook Trusty, just ’cause […]

Breakfast in bed, it’s not

Mornings are weird. Well, now that I think about it, so are evenings, but right now I’m thinking about mornings. Liam and Finn have to be outside for the bus at 8 o’clock, which means we all have to be up and presentable and breakfasted and lunches made long before we used to, when all […]