Sexy Ingredient #3…

Up on the ITSK site, complete with ridiculously easy recipe. Cheers!

3 comments to Sexy Ingredient #3…

  • Karen Lonardo

    just something I’ve been wondering about since 2003, about the please and sorry comment on your dear reader page of your book….is that a diss on americans or just you being funny ?…it really has been bugging me all this time. just asking for a little clarity…please, thank-you.

  • Hey, Karen, No, the Please and Sorry comments are totally and completely self-deprecating comments about CANADIANS! We’re always getting mocked internationally for being overly polite: things like saying “sorry” when someone bumps into us, or “thank you” when we’re given a parking ticket. Thing is, it’s mostly spot on – I say sorry, like, eleven times before breakfast, more if I’m in public. No slight on Americans whatsoever!

  • Karen Lonardo

    thanks Regan, everything is jake now, when i reach for my well worn,rubber banded, In the sweet kitchen.

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