Um, why Pen and Chocolate?

Very simple. I have both within arm’s reach at all times, or I start to feel itchy. And cranky. I am not in denial about anything, I’m just a little intense about a few things.

The chocolate must be dark and preferably really good. Occasionally mint-flavoured. I have my stash in the kitchen, and another in my purse at all times. And I don’t mean a demure little square for emergencies only. I’m the chick who buys those family-sized slabs of bittersweet chocolate in the cardboard wrappers, and most of the time, I eat them BY MYSELF (no, not all at once). Sadly, this is no longer a secret and neighbourhood children regularly raid my handbag looking for snacks.

I have had a thing about pens since high school. First of all, I love them. I love writing with them, writing by hand, and although my penmanship isn’t stellar, I am COMPLETELY convinced that the pen I’m using entirely influences the quality of what I’m writing. Please don’t write and tell me I’m nuts because as far as I can tell, this is a pretty harmless delusion. My current favourite pens are Zebra F-301 Fine Point, in either blue or black. It changes every few years, either because some la-di-da at the pen company discontinues my favourite model, or I stumble across a new magic pen, one that makes everything I write with it seem elegant and witty and organized. Don’t buy me an expensive pen, though. Been there, and they’re just not my thing. They’re always too heavy and fat, and in any case, you can’t have a Mont Blanc in every room in the house, plus one in every bag you might leave the house with. Ok, maybe Oprah can. Personally, I like the under $5 pens just fine. My kids know not to touch my pens more than to use them IN EXACTLY THE PLACE WHERE THEY FOUND THEM, and replace them as though they were never used. I had a blankie as a kid, and am fully aware that this is only slightly less neurotic than STILL having a blankie, but look, I got a blog name out of it!