Je Crois Que la Vie est Belle

Ohhhh my oh my oh my. It’s been a while, no?

Nope, you aren’t imagining it; this blog seems to have fallen into a wide crevasse for a year or so. And yet – it lives! And honestly, I’ve missed you. (Aw…) I have though – and missed writing. So deeply. So how’s this: I’ll […]



On Valentine’s Day, no less. Ok, it was a while ago, but this is still eminently caps worthy, in my world. And it was lovely and all that, getting fancy and trying out my new $12 necklace, and generally feeling like a grown-up. I’m not going to mention […]


Well it’s been a week, almost to the hour. A week since Rob and I and Rory drove to the wilderness of the west end of Toronto, met a doctor for the first time, and spent two and a half hours with her while she assessed Rory for autism. There is a long version, of […]

Plus ça change…

Oh well hello, 2011. What? I’m two-and-a-half-weeks late, you say? (I know, you’re saying it gently, but I can hear you). Yeahhhh. The crazy thing is, I’ve been trying to stick my fingers to this keyboard for, um, about a month now, and it’s ONLY JUST HAPPENED. Seriously: they brushed up against it once in […]

Mea Culpa

Dear Future Daughters-in-law,

(Unless one or two of you are men, which would be fine too.)

I am sorry. I feel I should apologize now, while it’s all fresh in my mind, because who knows, when you’ve got them, I might be in a sanatorium and mostly non-verbal. By them, of course, I mean my […]

Beware of Mama

You know those days, those days when you’re pretty sure you’re not going to make it to tomorrow? Let me rephrase: You know those days when you’re pretty sure your children aren’t going to make it to tomorrow? Yeah. Fortunately, they rarely occur sequentially, but they’re never convenient. And I’m always kind of surprised by […]

Paying our Respects

You only get the one life.

I say that a lot, sometimes to justify impulsive and possibly ill-advised actions, like going up the street to our friends’ place for a drink or two at midnight when I’m already exhausted and really REALLY should go to bed. But I mean it, and I’ll keep saying it. […]

Describe the Invisible in 15 Minutes or Less

It’s one of those weeks. At last count, I had 8 appointments scheduled, with only one of them for me, and that’s not counting each kid’s dentist appointment as a separate thing. For a girl who gets anxious having to be anywhere at a specific time, this ain’t my best week. But it happens that […]

You’ll Know Where to Find Me in Fall 2012

On November 3rd through 5th this fall, the Toronto-based Geneva Centre for Autism hosted it’s biannual symposium on autism. It was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and attended by over 1600 delegates, presenters and experts from all over the world.

Including, for the first time, me.

As the first day is mostly for […]

From the Nerd Files

I’m on the computer the other night and Liam comes over to show me the latest Star Wars Lego set he’s made. It’s a walker, but don’t call it an Imperial Walker, because you’d be WRONG. Wrong, baby, and shame on you. I know this because I did it. I’m not going to tell you […]