Every now and then you have an experience that just sweetly and quietly surprises you. Not a big huge epiphany kinda thing, just a small thing, like looking through a window in passing and seeing something beautiful and unexpected. Last month, we went down to visit our friends, Sarah and Sean and their girls Sadie […]

Gentle Ben

It occurred to me the other day, looking at the category for so many of these posts, that the title reads: Kids, Dog and Laundry. Kids and laundry are no mystery, but I realized I hadn’t properly introduced you to Dog. Profuse apologies.

This, internet, is Ben.

Benny is, objectively and […]

Where’s Ducky when you need him?

We live in downtown Toronto, which means even on a clear night, we don’t see a lot of stars. We see the bright ones, the big ones, but those tiny ones that look like scattered sugar just don’t pop. You know how when you’re trying to look at one of those faint stars, you look […]


“You should just start saving, Mama.”


“Ya. For Paris.”

Let’s just clear something up here: I’m not going to Paris. Or rather, I’m not going to Paris anytime soon. I have, mind you, informed Rob that he is taking me to Paris for my 40th birthday, so he has precious more than 15 months […]


How is it that the other day, after one of my oldest boy’s good days, I was all, Ya Neuroleptics? NO WAY. Not for my kid. We’re going with meditation practice, a little consultation with a therapist, and maybe some light-touch healing, and we’ll ride out the next few years. Then yesterday?


Take that, Ed.

The boys (that would be the big boys – they are “the boys”, Rory is either “the boy”, “the small” or “himself”) have been doing a unit on poetry in class lately, and actually quite liking it. Liam was all jazzed to bring in a book of mine of haikus that he loves, and they […]

Not sure Emily drank as much Malbec as I do

Every now and then, you come crashing up against your own limits, your own edges, and sweetie, it ain’t pretty.

Saturday, with Rob away all weekend at a jazz festival in Pennsylvania, I decided to be Awesome Mama and take all three boys to the Royal Ontario Museum. The night before had been Rory’s 6th […]

Breakfast in bed, it’s not

Mornings are weird. Well, now that I think about it, so are evenings, but right now I’m thinking about mornings. Liam and Finn have to be outside for the bus at 8 o’clock, which means we all have to be up and presentable and breakfasted and lunches made long before we used to, when all […]

About the Boys

Parenting is a whirlwind regardless, but one of a different sort when your children are of a bit of a different sort. My three boys are beyond lovely, all of them. They are so brilliant it sometimes makes my head spin, and are creative beyond imagination. They write, they love jazz and the Cure in […]

Dirt’s healthy, right?

You know you ain’t no June Cleaver when you look at the newly attached chair rail and go, Great. One more surface to clean.

Between you and me, I suck a little bit at house cleaning. More accurately, I suck at a few, um key, house cleany things. Like the bathtub. When we bought and […]