Mea Culpa

Dear Future Daughters-in-law,

(Unless one or two of you are men, which would be fine too.)

I am sorry. I feel I should apologize now, while it’s all fresh in my mind, because who knows, when you’ve got them, I might be in a sanatorium and mostly non-verbal. By them, of course, I mean my […]

Rory’s stuff

Rory makes stuff. Art, constructions, built things, tied things, painted things, nailed things; it really doesn’t matter to him one bit what it is in the end. It’s all, entirely, about the making. Last fall we finally winterized our slightly shabby back room to accommodate not an office for me, not a Lego room for […]

Dirt’s healthy, right?

You know you ain’t no June Cleaver when you look at the newly attached chair rail and go, Great. One more surface to clean.

Between you and me, I suck a little bit at house cleaning. More accurately, I suck at a few, um key, house cleany things. Like the bathtub. When we bought and […]