Je Crois Que la Vie est Belle

Ohhhh my oh my oh my. It’s been a while, no?

Nope, you aren’t imagining it; this blog seems to have fallen into a wide crevasse for a year or so. And yet – it lives! And honestly, I’ve missed you. (Aw…) I have though – and missed writing. So deeply. So how’s this: I’ll […]


Well it’s been a week, almost to the hour. A week since Rob and I and Rory drove to the wilderness of the west end of Toronto, met a doctor for the first time, and spent two and a half hours with her while she assessed Rory for autism. There is a long version, of […]

On the Difficulty of Torch Passing

Liam’s tics have been getting worse. Not like all-of-a-sudden today kind of thing, but relentlessly, creepingly. There were whole years when we hardly noticed them. Long stretches when we were really the only ones who recognized a throat-clearing as a tic, or a foot tapping, or a neck craning. Stretches where teachers and family would […]

Take that, Ed.

The boys (that would be the big boys – they are “the boys”, Rory is either “the boy”, “the small” or “himself”) have been doing a unit on poetry in class lately, and actually quite liking it. Liam was all jazzed to bring in a book of mine of haikus that he loves, and they […]

Breakfast in bed, it’s not

Mornings are weird. Well, now that I think about it, so are evenings, but right now I’m thinking about mornings. Liam and Finn have to be outside for the bus at 8 o’clock, which means we all have to be up and presentable and breakfasted and lunches made long before we used to, when all […]

About the Boys

Parenting is a whirlwind regardless, but one of a different sort when your children are of a bit of a different sort. My three boys are beyond lovely, all of them. They are so brilliant it sometimes makes my head spin, and are creative beyond imagination. They write, they love jazz and the Cure in […]