Je Crois Que la Vie est Belle

Ohhhh my oh my oh my. It’s been a while, no?

Nope, you aren’t imagining it; this blog seems to have fallen into a wide crevasse for a year or so. And yet – it lives! And honestly, I’ve missed you. (Aw…) I have though – and missed writing. So deeply. So how’s this: I’ll […]


For a while now I’ve been wanting to share a secret. Just wanted a few more ducks in a row, before I spilled the beans. And now, amazingly, there they are, all waddling beak-to-tail down to the river. So here goes:

We’re going to Paris.

Yes, really. And by “we”, I mean ROB AND ME, […]


“You should just start saving, Mama.”


“Ya. For Paris.”

Let’s just clear something up here: I’m not going to Paris. Or rather, I’m not going to Paris anytime soon. I have, mind you, informed Rob that he is taking me to Paris for my 40th birthday, so he has precious more than 15 months […]