Well it’s been a week, almost to the hour. A week since Rob and I and Rory drove to the wilderness of the west end of Toronto, met a doctor for the first time, and spent two and a half hours with her while she assessed Rory for autism. There is a long version, of […]


Last October I attended the largest symposium on Autism in the English-speaking world, sponsored by Toronto’s Geneva Centre for Autism. 6 hours a day for two days of solid seminars, so packed with expert and first person information it truly blew my mind. I was there as a parent of a child on the spectrum: […]

Alone time

Ohhhhh, hello there, internet. Yes, it has been a while; sorry about that. It comes from the CRAZY that is my house these days. And I mean that if not in the best way, then at least in the most kind way. Actually, this is the first hour I’ve had alone since Friday afternoon, at […]

Rory’s stuff

Rory makes stuff. Art, constructions, built things, tied things, painted things, nailed things; it really doesn’t matter to him one bit what it is in the end. It’s all, entirely, about the making. Last fall we finally winterized our slightly shabby back room to accommodate not an office for me, not a Lego room for […]

About the Boys

Parenting is a whirlwind regardless, but one of a different sort when your children are of a bit of a different sort. My three boys are beyond lovely, all of them. They are so brilliant it sometimes makes my head spin, and are creative beyond imagination. They write, they love jazz and the Cure in […]